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Andy Millward - Facialist

Andy Millward – Advanced Skin Facialist / Aesthetican

Andy millward facialist birminghamAndy Millward is a qualified Facialist / Aesthetician based in Harborne, Birmingham area and a member of BABTAC (British Association Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology). 

Andy’s passion for skin health started over a decade ago, through his own issues struggling with Acne Vulgaris and the aftermath that is associate with it such as acne scaring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Plus facing the early signs of premature ageing from a less than healthy lifestyle!

Through research into the structure and physiology of the skin, product ingredients and professional treatments, plus the effects diet & nutrition have on the skin, Andy was able to correct his own skin concerns and lay the foundations for knowledge needed to do the same for his clients today. 

Having suffered with acne himself and knowing only too well how skin concerns can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. Andy’s focus was always on corrective skin treatments that are able to correct the behaviour of the skin. Not satisfied with traditional beauty therapy treatments, Andy went on to complete advanced skin training and CosMedix chemical peel training with Medico Beauty, London.

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Andy's Approach

Andy’s philosophy is that of improving ‘skin health’. Remembering that the skin is an organ, not just a face. The skin is a rather  complex organ with many roles to play. The treatment and care it requires is therefore more sophisticated than the traditional “Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise” methodology.

Andy believes truly beautiful, radiant skin is healthy skin, which can only be achieved through a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. It’s for this reason, Andy works in a  ‘wholistic / holistic’ way, believing in treating the client as a whole person, not just the symptom. Not focusing on the skin alone, but rather a collective of internal and external factors i.e. diet, lifestyle, emotions etc together with topical treatments to achieve the maximum benefit.

Andy believes in combining the relaxing elements of a traditional ‘beauty facial’ with the corrective elements of a ‘medi-spa advanced skin treatment’, as you shouldn’t have to compromise a pleasurable and relaxing experience to achieve results.

Read more about Andy’s “4 Pillars Of Skin Health” philosophy.


Andy’s facials and skin peel treatments incorporate ‘clean-cosmeceuticals‘ by CosMedix. Using potent botanical and bio-available ingredients to work synergistically with the skin, supporting it’s natural functions as opposed to working against it.

The skin is a marvellous organ and does the job it’s intended for very well. However, through incorrect care, mis-use of products and neglect, it can sometimes forget how to function properly and needs treatment to get things back on track.

Learn more about CosMedix. 

Medico Beauty

Since completing advanced skin training and CosMedix skin peels training with Medico Beauty in London. Along side working as an independent facialist, Andy also works as for Medico Beauty. As National Education Manager, Andy is responsible for delivering CosMedix peels training and Dermagen+ training for the Medico Beauty Institute. As well as helping to build the CosMedix brand within the UK and Ireland. Working with accounts and supporting business development.


Andy is also a proud supporter and brand ambassador for Rejuvenated, creators of anti ageing collagen drink, Collagen Shots and advanced hydration supplements, H3O Night Repair.

andy millward facialist