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Pampered Prince

by Andy Millward


  • sebaceous filaments blackheads
    Difference Between Sebaceous Filaments & Blackheads

    Sebaceous Filaments VS Blackheads Sebaceous Filaments or Blackheads? What’s the difference? During my skin consultations I often get clients say they are concerned with blackheads on the nose or chin area. In the majority of cases they don’t have blackheads at all. However what they do have are called sebaceous filaments. I have been fortunate enough Continue Reading →

  • acne rosacea treatment birmingham
    Acne Rosacea Treatment

    Acne Rosacea Treatment – Birmingham Coincidentally this month (being Rosacea Awareness Month) I have seen an increase in clients looking for Acne Rosacea Treatment. Actually that’s not strictly true. I have had clients enquiring about treatments for Acne. Only when I’ve seen them and carried out a consultation and analysis have I treated them as an Continue Reading →

  • best mineral makeup
    Best Mineral Makeup For Problem Skin

    What’s The Best Mineral Makeup? Without exception I always recommend clients switch to mineral makeup. Especially if they’re seeing me for a particular skin issue. Which most clients are. Guaranteed clients will ask me “what’s the best mineral makeup?”, so I figured its about time I compiled a list of brands to recommend. There are definitely lots of brands available. Compared Continue Reading →

  • skin hydration
    Importance Of Skin Hydration

    Importance of skin hydration for cell turnover Most people understand that skin hydration is important for healthy skin. After all most people apply a moisturising cream on daily basis in an attempt to stop their skin from becoming dry. However skin hydration is much more than dryness. Hydration also affects the skins ability to renew in the Continue Reading →

  • skin peeling
    Metabolic Peel
    How Much Skin Peeling Will I Get?

    How Much Skin Peeling Will I Get After My Chemical Peel? A common question from clients is “How much skin peeling will I get?”. Particular if new to skin peeling treatments. The answer is dependant on a number of factors so can vary greatly. Some clients barely peel at all, whereas others get quite a considerable amount Continue Reading →

  • skin club Birmingham
    Introducing ‘Skin Club’ Membership Service

    Introducing Skin Club Introducing ‘Skin Club’ a new concept in skin health and age management. A subscription service, that allows members to benefit from monthly treatment at a reduced cost. Plus additional ‘member-only’ benefits including free upgrades on LED light therapy on all treatments and savings on home care. Not only does the Skin Club Continue Reading →

  • antioxidant serum
    Why Do I Need An Antioxidant Serum?

    Why Do I Need A Separate Antioxidant Serum? This is a question I’m asked a lot from clients when embarking on a new skin health management programme. Often they’ve been accustomed to a traditional ‘Cleanse, Tone, Moisture‘ regime. Whether the focus is on purely retaining moisture, as opposed to actually supporting skin function. When I’m then advising to Continue Reading →

  • january facial offer
    Special Offer
    January 2017 Special Offer

    Happy New Year 2017 – New Year, New Skin What better way to start the new year than with a facial! New Year, New Skin. We often let ourselves and our skin care regime slip over the festive period. With an over-indulgence of food and drink, plus burning the candle at both ends, can easily Continue Reading →

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