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CosMedix – Corrective Skin Care

To achieve advanced results and real changes in skin health, you need to use an advanced skin care system. I am proud to use CosMedix in my treatments and home care program. I have always been passionate about botanical-based skin care and CosMedix supports my belief that plant is best, combined with scientific and evidence-based ingredients, making it the purest medical skin care system on the market. See below for more information about what makes CosMedix so unique.

CosMedix – Chirally Correct Skin Care

Formulated in FDA approved American laboratories, the CosMedix product range can help to successfully restore any skin type or concern back to a normal, healthy function.

Since 1999, CosMedix’s mission has been to use the science of nature to deliver maximum results with minimum irritation, using the finest ingredients from all over the world. Incorporating Nobel Prize-winning chemistry and blending them with pure botanical ingredients to create skin care that affects real change. This intersection of science and nature is what makes CosMedix a leader in the industry and trusted by physicians, aestheticians and consumers all over the world.

CosMedix ingredients work in synergy with the skin. By avoiding harmful additives that lead to irritation and can compromise skin barrier function. Short-term skin benefit should not come at the cost you pay for long-term healthy, beautiful skin.

Plant-based ingredients are concentrated for maximum effectiveness then refined to compliment the skin’s chemistry while simultaneously remedying the most troublesome skin conditions from sun damage, signs of ageing and hyper pigmentation, without the irritation and downtime so notoriously associated with traditional cosmeceuticals and conventional treatments.

CosMedix – The Science

The chemistry may be complex, but the concept is simple: to give you the strongest, most effective tools to help your skin look and feel its very best. CosMedix’s continued innovation and groundbreaking success comes from focused attention to our four pillars: smarter exfoliation, better botanical ingredients, skin matrix support and chiral correction for superior product performance. Here is how it works:


CosMedix always look to nature first to solve your skin care needs and they are continuously on the search for the best in plant-derived ingredients and pure essential oils. Concentrating on ingredients that offer maximum effectiveness, to work in synergy with the skin without the use of artificial colours or fillers, that could otherwise cause irritation.


CosMedix has proven results because the technology used is not experimental, it’s award-winning. The formulations are inspired by Nobel Prize discoveries in pharmaceuticals. The essence of this technology, whether it be Spin Trap, Fullereness or Liquid Crystals, has been adopted to use the science of nature to create effective skin care. This refined skin matrix support helps to support the natural cell rejuvenation and skin restoration process.


Chirality refers to the right-handedness and left-handedness of the molecules in our bodies. CosMedix uses chirally correct ingredients that have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin. This minimises adverse reactions and allows for the highest concentrations of active ingredients for increased effectiveness.


By gently removing dead and dull skin, the face appears brighter, pores are refined, and fine lines and wrinkles appear less pronounced. When exfoliation is added to your skin care regimen, it stimulates cell rejuvenation and aids in effective delivery of our active ingredients in our skin care. This means optimal penetration and maximum efficacy for unsurpassed results. However balance and adopting skin-function friendly exfoliation is key to preserving the integrity of skin barrier function.

What is Chiral Correction?

CosMedix are one of the purest medical treatment lines on the market and can be classed as ‘clean-cosmeceuticals‘, using botanical ingredients and a Nobel Prize winning purification system. This purification process is known as Chiral Correction. By filtering out the molecules that do not interact positively with the skin and would cause irritation. CosMedix contain only molecules recognizable by cell receptor sites and therefore able to positively interact with the body by speaking its own natural language, allowing the skin to naturally heal and renew, without irritation.

In addition this means minimizing the risk of allergic reactions, inflammation and secondary issues, such as premature ageing. Chirally Corrected ingredients are up to four times more concentrated than non-Chirally Corrected ingredients. More results, with less product therefore better value for money.