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Osmosis Disruptor


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Disruptor contains a cancellation frequency for substances that are not harmonious with the body. This includes pathogens, toxins, and in some cases, memories. It results in the harmonization of pathogens. The detox process of any of these toxic vibrations can last several months, but the benefits are often seen over the first few days.

Caution: Pregnant or nursing women should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Important Note: After consumption, your body may experience a detox. This is normal and a sign that your body is getting healthier.

  • + Harmonized Water – Water enhanced with frequencies to balance the body, skin, organs, and every cell improving health of the body and skin.

  • 1. Cancels pathogen and toxins
  • 2. Detoxifying for the body

Drink dose within 2 hours.

Dosage guidelines:

  • Up to 100 lbs. – 1 dose is equal to 1 bottle
  • 101-200 lbs. – 1 dose is equal to 2 bottles
  • 201-300 lbs. – 1 dose is equal to 3 bottles

Take your dosage over the weekend to allow the body time to heal.

Water (Aqua)



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