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The 4 Pillars of Skin Healh

Some people believe that the ‘eyes are the window to the soul’. I believe that the ‘skin is a mirror to our internal health’, a reflection of what’s going on internally, displayed externally as a visible indicator of both physical and mental well-being.

To achieve truly beautiful and healthy complexion, we must first achieve a healthy body. Treating in this holistic manner (treatment of the whole person, not just the symptom) is key to achieving the best and long lasting results.

I call this The 4 Pillars of Skin Health. If all 4 pillars are in place, the health of your skin will thrive. However, take one or more away and the support structure collapses!

4 pillars

1. Nutrition & Supplements

Balanced and complete nutrition is the number one thing you can do to improve the health of your skin long term. The skin is an eliminatory organ, responsible for the removal of waste and toxins. If we’re overloading our other eliminatory organs (liver, kidneys, bowels & lungs), then it is forced to work overtime, resulting in a blemished, lacklustre and overall sallow appearance. 

Like any other organ, it needs energy and nutrients to function optimally, renew itself and heal from injury. 

Where balanced and complete nutrition is not being obtained through diet, then supplementary nutrition is an option. 

2. Lifestyle & Well-Being

Stress and mental well-being play a big role in skin health. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can destroy healthy cells over long-term exposure. A hormone that was originally to help us function during dangerous or stressful situations is now killing us slowly through increased and prolonged exposure to inflammation. Negative emotions also play havoc with our nervous system!

Following a healthy lifestyle, reducing stimulants and with regular but moderate exercise, you can dramatically reduce the amount of Cortisol and inflammation you are exposed. As well as keeping fit!

3. Professional Treatments

When the skin is not behaving like it should, an intervention is required. Professional treatments kick starts your skins natural renewal process. Using potent products and active ingredients that work synergistically to stimulate and renew. Administered with a professional touch to bring about positive change, for an advanced results.  

Professional treatments are beneficial for both physical and mental well-being, improving skin health both topically and from within.

4. Guided Home Care

Skin care can be a confusing mindfield, with millions of different brands and products to choose from. It’s easy to see why some people get their home care routine so wrong. As with any form of ‘treatment’, self-diagnosis and inappropriate use of products can have a detrimental effect on the skin, disrupting barrier function, which can cause or exasperate dermal conditions / concerns. 

Prescribed home care to be used as part of a bespoke home care plan, which is reviewed regularly with a skin care professional, is advisable.

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