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What is a Metabolic Skin Peel?

You may have seen me refer to “metabolic skin peel” a few times on my facials and CosMedix treatments menu, and you’re probably wondering what exactly I’m referring to? Before I explain exactly what a Metabolic skin peel is, let me first explain what a “chemical peel” is and then you’ll understand why the CosMedix treatments I offer are so unique and why they work so effectively to improve the health of the skin.

What is a Chemical Skin Peel?

The term “peel” is used to describe any product or ingredient that is applied topically that produces a peeling-effect i.e. encourages the skin to shed. This is generally achieved through exfoliation using AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid etc OR towards the higher strengh treatments, stronger acids such as Tricholoracetic (TCA) or Phenol acid peels.

The aim of a chemical peel is the removal of the outer layers to increase cell turn over and the stimulation of collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the healthy layer. Depending on the strengh of treatment and depth of peel, you may expeirence wounding and trauma to stimulate the natural healing response. You can also expect some down-time while the skin heals and therefore may need to take time off work. It’s worth remembering that the deeper you go, the more risk of adverse reaction such as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH) and increased sensitivity.


Chemical Peel vs Metabolic Peel

Like so many things in life the treatments that we have available to us today have evolved. It is no longer necessary to cause severe wounding and suffer weeks of down-time to achieve a vast improvement in the health and appearance of your skin.

Unlike traditional chemical peels that use acids to exfoliate ‘down’, a metabolic peel uses intelligent ingredients to work with the skin rather than against it to stimulate renewal from within; increasing your skins natural metabolic processes of repair and renew. 

Effective treatment is not about annihilation but rather communication. Ingredients that communicate with the skin on a cellular level to instigate change and renewal, re-educating the skin to behave the way it did when it was younger. 

Traditional chemical peels that aim to annihilate the skin through exfoliation alone will also encourage cellular renewal (your skin is programmed to repair itself after injury), however what these treatments lack are intelligent nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C needed to feed the skin with the building blocks it needs to repair effectively.

With a metabolic peel, not only do you get a better result, you also avoid the unnecessary wounding, down-time and “peeling” associated with traditional chemical peels. There are also “positive side effects” from choosing a CosMedix treatments, which include increased hydration through natural moisture factors (NMF’s), skin density and tolerance. Something you wouldn’t expect from a “chemical skin peel”.

CosMedix Metabolic Skin Peels

What Makes CosMedix Skin Peel So Effective?

It’s all in the formulation! Traditional chemical peels are often made from a simple formulation, comprising of a single acid, such as a 50% Glycolic Acid peel for example. All CosMedix peels are complex formulations, comprising of a combination of acids, plus additional skin beneficial ingredients such as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, fruit enzymes and Retinol.

CosMedix Metabolic peels contain only Chirally Correct ingredients. These ingredients have been filtered so that only the molecules that communicate positively with the skin are included. Using only purified acids like L-Lactic or L-Mandelic for example, instead of Glycolic, which can irritate the skin. 

In addition to being Chirally Correct, all CosMedix Vitamin A treatments use an exclusive encapsulation process known as AGP (arabino-galactan protein) which ensures the delivery of Retinol to the deeper layers. This means we can use Retinol in very high doses to get the maximum benefit and results, without causing surface irritation. 

The result is a highly concentrated, sophisticated and effective treatment, without the negative side effects of irritation, discomfort or inflammation associated with a traditional chemical peel.

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